Let’s face it. Many of us have jam packed schedules, making it difficult get to the gym a few days a week. It can be hard balancing work, family, and social responsibilities and trying to stay fit and healthy. However, with a little creative thinking, you can get in a workout despite a full schedule. Try these three ways to fit in a workout even when you’re tired or running out of time in your day.


Pick efficient, likable exercises

When choosing a myriad of exercises, make sure that they can effectively and efficiently fit into a workout. You want to be able to make the most amount of gains in the least amount of time possible.

For example, supersets are great fit for short workouts. Supersets are when an individual performs multiple exercises focusing on multiple muscle groups. Push ups, scissor kicks, and jump squats are all great moves as all three exercises focus on different muscle groups.

Also focus on compound movements will focuses on several muscle groups simultaneously. Pull ups, push ups, and squats are excellent examples of compound movements.

When you find an exercise or set that you enjoy, fit it into your workout routine. This could be high intensity interval training, running, or bodyweight exercises. If you like what you are doing, you are more likely to build strong habits around performing them.


Stick to a schedule

Many people make the excuses of saying that they’re too busy to fit a workout into their day. If you don’t make it a priority, you won’t find the time to perform it. At the beginning of every day, it’s critical to your health to schedule your workout just like you would a meeting.

Even a quick 5-minute workout is better than no workout at all. Whether you go on a 10-minute jog or a walk around the office, commit to staying active. These little micro commitments will help you build the discipline of sticking to your workout routine over time.


Track your progress for inspiration

Keep a log of your fitness so you can see the progress you make over time. Start by keeping a daily log of your activity levels, the food you’re consuming, your weight, your water intake, and how many hours you sleep at night. This allows you to keep track of your progress and will allow you to change your routine if you aren’t seeing results.

Find daily inspiration and motivation in workout classes, apps, or healthy competition. You can compete with a coworker for number of steps or watch motivational videos on YouTube to be inspired and focused.