Now that summertime is well underway, you may feel more compelled than ever to relax by the pool, grill dinner in the great outdoors, or remain indoors to beat the heat. However, it is vital that you resist the temptation to succumb to the lazy days of summer. By creating a solid workout routine throughout the next few months, you can stay in top shape – and by doing so, you’ll feel great well into the months of autumn and winter.

Even more importantly, being active is a crucial way to ward off chronic illness, such as cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer. In fact, regular exercise has been linked to lowering cancer risk.

How do you stay motivated to keep your summer workout plan? First, you need to evaluate what will work best for you. Do you prefer the temperate atmosphere of your local gym when the weather is extreme? If so, then it probably isn’t realistic to sign up for an outdoor community sports league in August. Instead, you might renew your gym membership to accommodate your comfort level. Be aware of your limitations and your preferences, and you will likely find it easier to get excited about your chosen activities. The following tips could help you to provide the incentive you need to get moving this summer.

Explore the Possibilities

One way to inspire yourself is to get involved in local fitness classes. You don’t need to follow a rigid concept of what a workout “should” be. If you’d rather take Salsa lessons than sit at a workout bench, do it! The key is to get your body moving and to keep it in motion.

Leverage Technology

Don’t forget to make the most of the online options. You can download a broad array of fitness apps to suit your circumstances. You might use an app to track your morning runs, provide the music you need to get going, or to find the perfect beach body workout.

Hire a Pro

A personal trainer will help you navigate the best course of action for your fitness level. Using such an individual as a resource could also enable you to avoid injury and maximize your workout time. Additionally, if you have a regular appointment with your trainer, you will be far less likely to cancel your exercise sessions.

Stay Home

If you loathe the thought of exercising with others, try some of the vast numbers of home workouts available. You can bend, twist, and stretch in the privacy of your own residential space. This could be a particularly effective strategy if you are starting to exercise after many months or years of living a sedentary lifestyle.

Baby Steps

Another wise plan if you haven’t been active in a while is to start slowly. Instead of trying to implement an intense workout routine every morning, use a step counter to track your progress. By increasing the number of steps you take every day, you will begin to feel a spike in your energy. This will provide the impetus needed to move on to more rigorous exercise sessions.

Hydrate Your Body

Sometimes, the reason you feel sluggish may simply be a lack of proper hydration. Drink plenty of water, especially during the hottest months of the year. While there is now some debate as to whether everyone needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, you should still aim for several glasses per day. Remember also to consume an ample amount of fruits and vegetables.

There are many opportunities to get active during the summertime. From community men’s soccer leagues to ab workouts for women at the local gym, you might choose from a seemingly endless spectrum of possibilities. Do what appeals to you most, and keep your body well hydrated in the process. When you feel like sinking into your recliner this summer, go for a walk, play a round of golf, or swim some laps in your pool instead!


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