Elite Health Evaluation 2

Elite Health Evaluation Program

In order to build a tailored age management plan for your specific needs Cenegenics Houston needs to perform a full health risk assessment. This will provide our doctors with an evaluation of your current overall health and wellness. Then we will be able to recognize the areas on which you need to focus for healthy age management. Our health risk assessment program allows us to build personalized nutrition and exercise plans to suit your body’s needs and to lower the risk of age related diseases.

Your Elite Health Evaluation lasts approximately eight hours and includes:

  • Comprehensive lab work
  • Diagnostic testing including:
    • Body composition analysis
    • Bone and tissue densitometry analysis
    • Cardio health assessment (VO2 Max)
    • Metabolic analysis
    • Physical assessment
  • Comprehensive nutrition & exercise consultation
  • Open-ended physician consultation
  • Physical examination

Your Cenegenics physician will discuss the findings with you, which are based on diagnostic studies, medical history, and lifestyle. After every issue has been discussed thoroughly and all your questions answered, a comprehensive program targeting your short- and long-term health goals will be designed for your review.

Five-Star Patient Care

Cenegenics’ expert medical staff and sophisticated diagnostics create a supportive, caring environment for patients. We stand committed to ensuring your evaluation day is an enlightening experience with the highest standard of medical excellence.