It’s unpleasant and damaging to your body to feel anxious and stressed out. Too much stress can lead to problems like headaches and stomach problems. Luckily, there are ways to control stress and anxiety. You might try meditation, for instance, or low impact exercises. There are also foods you can eat that will help you relax and calm frazzled nerves.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain a chemical called selenium which reduces feelings of stress. Just two or three Brazil nuts each day should help you feel more relaxed. If you’re not keen on Brazil nuts, a handful of mixed nuts should have the same effect. Of course, people who are allergic to nuts should not try this remedy.


Honey is high in tryptophan which helps the body produce serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that improves mood and relieves anxiety. Another benefit of honey is potassium which reduces stress hormones and helps to relax both the brain and body.


You don’t need to gorge on chocolate to feel the positive effects. A single square can calm your nerves. If you eat dark chocolate, it will help you regulate cortisol, a stress hormone. Dark chocolate also helps stabilize your metabolism which may help stabilize your mood as well.


Celery is one of the oldest foods prescribed for relaxation. Hippocrates himself is rumored to have been a fan. In addition to promoting relaxation, eating celery can help lower blood pressure.


Most people know that a warm glass of milk will help you relax so that you can fall asleep more easily. Even cold milk can do a pretty good job of easing stress. Like Brazil nuts, milk contains tryptophan which increases the production of serotonin.


A mango is a fruit that creates a substance called linalool. Linalool can bring down stress levels. For the best results get as much of the juice as possible.

Vegetable Soup

A nice, hot bowl of soup at the end of a stressful day can ease your nerves and flush foreign bodies and infections from your system. Some of the best vegetables to use in your soup include carrots, tomatoes, green peppers and spinach. Garlic and thyme are excellent seasonings.


Spinach is high in magnesium which helps nerves and muscles relax. Along with magnesium, spinach is also an excellent source of iron, folate and Vitamins A and C. If you want to use spinach for relaxation, try to buy organic. Non-organic spinach tends to be high in pesticides.


You can take your pick – all berries are high in Vitamin C which can help battle stress. German scientists discovered the value of Vitamin C by dividing subjects into two groups. One group was given Vitamin C and the other group was not. They then placed both groups in stressful situations. The subjects who had eaten berries had lower blood pressures and lower levels of cortisol than the subjects who had not.

Stress and anxiety can cause you a lot of pain, both physically and mentally. There are several ways to encourage your body to relax. One of the easiest ways is to eat foods that lower your level of stress and improve your mood. If stress is a problem for you, keep an eye on your diet. You’ll be pleased with the results.