It can be easy to mindlessly stray from your normal exercise and health routine when traveling. Many new foods are available, your normal routine is disrupted, and fatigue from traveling can lead to poor health decisions. Follow these five tips to prevent weight gain the next time you go on a trip.


Eat Healthier

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables when choosing a meal or snack during layovers or a late-night arrival. Bring healthy snacks, such as protein bars, carrots, trail mix, or nuts to decrease your chance of stress eating. Always choose a restaurant that serves healthy options that fit into your eating plan. Look for salads, seafood, or lean-meat paired with vegetables. If you can’t find a healthy option at a restaurant, head to the local supermarket and create your meal. Make smart, healthy food choices and enjoy new food options that are popular in that area!


Reduce Stress

Traveling can be stressful for many reasons including unexpected costs, adjusting to a new place, and a different routine. Reduce stress eating to maintain your weight. Write out your travel schedule and plan times to eat, exercise, and go to bed on time. Overcome stress and weight gain by getting enough sleep and research any potential travel stressors like transportation, currency changes, time zone differences, or cultural variances.


Simple Exercises

Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult or long to be effective. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise, whether that’s all in one time block or split into two 15-minute segments. No workout equipment is necessary for exercises like push-ups, lunges, Russian twists, planks, or squats. Bring tension bands to replicate weights for bicep curls, lunges, and stretches. Instead of taking transportation to a nearby meeting or place of interest, walk to the location. If you have extra time, research fun and physical local activities like hiking, bike riding, or walking along a trail.


Drink Water

Drinking water will help you feel fuller, avoid binge eating, and control your weight. It also boosts your metabolism and cleanses the body. Drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses daily to discourage overeating, and always hydrate before flying. Bringing a water bottle with you to refill as you go throughout your day.


Be Mindful

If you struggle to stay on track with your healthy goals, create a habit tracker (available both in print or in an app), write out your eating habits in a journal, or join a gym that has locations across the nation. Research fitness classes in the area and try a novel class when you’re in a new town. And remember—making the best decisions for your health physically and mentally will make your trip even more enjoyable.