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Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not. Take control of your life and manage your aging process with our unique approach.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Cenegenics Houston HRT is designed to boost the levels of essential hormones which drop significantly with age.

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Dr. Garth Denyer and the Cenegenics Houston team are committed to providing five-star service and helping patients achieve optimum health and well-being.

Success Story

*I cannot believe after one month on the program how great I feel . . . [My physician] noted that I had lost 12 pounds and advised me to totally drop [the medication for] mild depression I had been taking for three years.  I am beyond impressed at my libido, my energy and my enthusiasm for each day. –G.H., Las Vegas, NV

*Results may vary

Success Story

Since July 2015 I have lost about 30 pounds. I now weigh about 182 pounds; my ideal weight is 186 pounds. With my daily exercise routine even my dog has lost 10 pounds. By early August, I had to go buy new pants and belts because my old clothes were too big for me. Now in October I need to buy new pants and belts again because the new ones are too big for me. My BP is down, and my HR is down about 20bpm across the board. – GB (56)


*Results may vary

Cenegenics Houston Age Management Clinic

Age management medicine is a science-based medical approach that helps you control the aging process—and places you at the lowest possible risk for age-related disease. Cenegenics’ research and medical expertise guides you toward optimized health.

Age Management Specialists

Meet our expert and dedicated team.

Garth Denyer, M.D.

CEO & Institute Physician

Iryna Voyutska

Nutrition & Exercise Counselor

Steven A. Fein, MD, FACG

Center Physician

Maggie Harris

Center Service Coordinator